dark souls 2 crown of the old iron king (4)

You appear to be on fire. Maybe I can help put you out with this axe.

Somewhere in the Gamescom shuffle, Bandai Namco released a few screenshots from Crown of the Old Iron King; the next Dark Souls 2 DLC. As we know from previously released information, this one will be based (somewhat obviously given the name) around the Iron Keep area. Or some past version of it before it fell into a volcano, perhaps.

Like Crown of the Sunken King, Old Iron King is said to have a co-operative area that people who don’t own the DLC can still be summoned for. Also, judging by some of the screenshots, this one might keep some of the intricate level design I enjoyed so much in the prior Dark Souls 2 add-on.

A few of the shots look rather like pre-destruction areas from inside the Iron Keep stage, or at least somewhere similar. In terms of enemies, I see some hollows carrying barrels (who might be non-hostile, I guess,) a floating guy with a flaming weapon and a large bow and a couple of variations on crawling torso things. Then again, I was pretty sure Sunken King was going to be full of poison statues and I was wrong – it was full of petrifying statues instead.

I spy a Shiva of the East type armour set too. Lovely.

Dark Souls 2 Crown of the Old Iron King will be released later this month, on 23 August.

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