September 5th, 2017

Dark Souls 2 gets a brand new pre-rendered European launch trailer

Dark Souls 2 gets a brand new pre-rendered European launch trailer
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I’m not sure what muscular, half-naked men have to do with Dark Souls, but it makes a respectable change from half-naked women.

Hey, everyone! Are you playing Dark Souls 2? No, neither am I, both because it’s not out in Europe yet, and because it’s not out on PC for ages.

This hasn’t stopped Namco Bandai’s tears-driven hype machine, though, and they’ve released a lovely new pre-rendered video – titled The Curse of the Dark – in time for the European launch. At least, I think this is new. I mean, there’s no Jethro Tull, and it’s all pre-rendered, and there are spiders, all of which differentiates itself from the last one.

No, this Dark Souls 2 trailer has gone in a more expected direction. It’s all rendered and moody and dark, and is full of death and violence, and has a spooky voice-over describing exactly how screwed you are. Meanwhile, accolades from a variety of publications that aren’t us (because it’s not out on PC for ages) flash up. If you’re into Dark Souls 2, though, it’s almost certainly worth a looksee, because it’s incredibly atmospheric and shows off From Software’s demented creature design really well.

Dark Souls 2 is due out on PC on 25 April, which is ages away.

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