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You’re still going to say “bearer, seek, seek, lest” at me, aren’t you?

FromSoftware will be making some stat-based alterations to Dark Souls 2 on 2 June, with a Calibration 1.06 patch. The Calibration version is the one you see in the top right corner when you load the game up (underneath the patch version,) and relates to weapon/spell damage outputs and the like.

Update: If you’re looking for the latest patch notes (Calibration 1.08, due 18 July) head over here.

According to the Beyond the Bonfire site (and an in-game message that pops up when you log in to the game,) the update will take place on 2 June at 17.00. It doesn’t list a time zone though, so it’ll go live when it’s 5pm … somewhere.

The 1.06 Calibration notes are bit on the vague side, saying things like damages have been “adjusted” but not really saying in which direction or by how much. I’m just assuming that Santier’s Spear is getting a downgrade, but maybe From have gone nuts and made it even better.

Anyway, here are the Dark Souls 2 changelog notes for Calibration 1.06.

-Fixed so that the poison damage of the weapon “Bad Staff” occurs only during the close distance attack.The poison damage doesn’t occur when the spell is used.
-The motion, damage amount, and balance during reinforcement of the weapon“Avelyn” are adjusted.
-The motion, damage amount and balance of the weapon “Syan’s Halberd” are adjusted.
-The damage amount, damage amount to the stamina, and balance
during reinforcement of the weapon “Santier’s Spear” are adjusted.
-The motion of the weapon “Pursuer’s Greatsword” is adjusted.
-The parameters of the armor “Cale’s Leather Armor” and “Cale’s Shoes” are adjusted.
-The hexes correction value of the ring “Abyss Seal” is adjusted.
-The damage amount balance of the spell “Great Resonant Soul” is adjusted.
-The damage amount balance of the spell “Wrath of the Gods” is adjusted.
-The damage increasing amount of the spell “Resonant Weapon” is adjusted.
-The damage increasing amount of the spell “Flame Weapon” is adjusted.
-The motion of the Thrusting Sword category weapons is adjusted.
-The Dual Wield attacking motion of the Greataxe category weapons is adjusted.
-The Parry motion of Curved Sword category weapon is adjusted.
-The balance of the weapon enchant by spell is adjusted.
-The affection degree to the spell effective time is adjusted to fluctuate depending on the status value.

No mention yet of any fixes for the weapon durability bug on PC (if, indeed, that is a bug) or the amazing binoculars glitch that allows you to fly through the land at great speeds. Perhaps they’ll be coming in a PC-specific patch.

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