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Nothing to do with the spells in the video, but it’s a spoiler-free image.

The Souls games often have cut or unused bits and pieces laying around in their files, and Dark Souls 2 is no exception. In the last update to the game (just prior to the launch of Crown of the Sunken King,) a few new spell, hex and pyromancy effect were added.

These may never appear in game, or they may be ideas for the next pair of DLC releases. FromSoft clearly like to experiment with things that don’t always make it to the final release, like Undead King Jar-Eel from the first Dark Souls.

YouTube user Hellkite Drake has been playing around with the mystery spell effects and showcasing them in a compilation video. Obviously these spell effects may (or may not) turn out to be spoilery for future Dark Souls 2 updates, so decide for yourself whether you want to watch the whole thing. I’m also going to summarise the spells in text form, so Homeward Bone out now if you don’t want to know any of that.

The discovered spells have no names or descriptions in game (it all just shows up as “no text,”) but consist of one sorcery, one miracle, two pyromancies and two hexes. That sorcery is a ‘Wrath of the Gods’ type localised area-of-effect, while the miracle looks like a more dramatic and focused version of Heavenly Thunder (with a neat airbourne circlet effect.) The pyromancies offer cascading pillars of fire emanating from the player in a forward direction, and a kind of horizontal version of the same. Finally, the hexes are a pair of homing effects; one with slightly goofy goth skulls and one with the usual dark orb type look to them.

That latter spell has unbalanced sound effects, making it clear that none of these are the finished article.

Here’s a link to Hellkite Drake’s unlisted video (I’m not embedding it, to avoid accidental spoilerage.)

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