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The alleged screencap in question. I want to believe.

The great PC Dark Souls 2 graphical enigma isn’t quite solved yet, but a new, believable image may hold some more clues. It’s doing the rounds on NeoGaf and Reddit, and seems to show a reasonable range of graphics options for the PC (the fact that it’s not a mind-blowing range of options only adds to its credibility, in my view.)

Update: This is confirmed to be real. Those are the options on PC.

There’s been a lot of speculation about what kind of options Dark Souls 2 will offer the PC player-base, following the bare-bones port of the original and debate over how and why the console release was ‘downgraded’ in comparison to promotional materials. Steam’s store page used to carry more screenshots of the PC version of Dark Souls 2, until images relating to the earlier (nicer looking) builds were taken down.

Now there’s an unconfirmed image of the options screen to dissect.

PC copies of Dark Souls 2 are beginning to proliferate among the media (I know, because we’re expected one soon,) so there is every chance that somebody who already has access took this screenshot. The language used in the menu, particularly “Anisotropic filtering: Strong,” is in-keeping with the slightly odd translation that permeates the Souls series. Typefaces and menu icons are also consistent with the game. If somebody faked this, they did a pretty good job.

So, if it is real, that appears on the surface to be a decent range of options. The question remains about what “high” translates to in terms of texture quality and the like, but SSAO, Character Model Quality and Depth of Field bode fairly well. Anti-aliasing only having an “on/off” switch is a bit disappointing, but, again, consistent with the series so far.

Dark Souls 2 will be released for PC on 25 April.

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