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I bet Licia approves of glitch exploits.

Yes, yes, I know it’s E3, but Dark Souls 2 news doesn’t stop for anything. The PC release of the game has been updated to version 1.03 today, patching out the binocular speed glitch (binoboosting) and the ability to use the parry mechanic to float through the air.

Official Dark Souls 2 site Beyond the Bonfire has the patch-note details:

Issues fixed in the new update:
1) Fixes issue which allows users to dash at high speed
2) Fixes issue which allows users to float in the air

Update Schedule:
PlayStation 3: Planned Friday 6/13
Xbox 360: Planned Monday 6/16
STEAM: Planned Tuesday 6/10

Regulation Version Update:
All Platforms: “1.06” to “1.07”
(The game contents will not be changed. Only the issues above are addressed.)

Game Version Update:
PlayStation 3: “1.04” to “1.05”
Xbox 360: “1.04” to “1.05”
STEAM: “1.02” to “1.03”

Steam should update your version of Dark Souls 2 automatically. Try restarting the client if that isn’t the case.

This patch will have the interesting side effect of changing the landscape of the Dark Souls 2 speedrunning community, many of whom had been using the binoculars glitch (as well as some geometry glitches in the game) to record absurd times of around 20 minutes.

More Dark Souls 2 is on the way in July, with the release of the first of three “Lost Crown” DLC add-ons.

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