FromSoftware’s global producer Atsuo Yoshimura has confirmed in a new interview that PC players who already own Dark Souls 2 will get “some” discount on Scholar of the First Sin if you opt to buy it. Talking with Dave Klein of DaveControl, Yoshimura says that exact pricing structures are still being discussed and finalised.

You can see the point at which this “discount” discussion takes place at the following link.

“We’re planning to offer [existing PC players] some discount on the package,” Yoshimura states. “I’m currently working with my team in the States as well as in Europe for the pricing strategy.”

He goes on to say that news of the price points should be available “shortly.”

That’s decent news for current Dark Souls 2 PC players who (quite understandably,) didn’t fancy shelling out full price for a couple of DirectX 11 graphics tweaks and some new enemy placement. However, if the price structure is attractive enough (as with “upgraded” versions of Sleeping Dogs and Deus Ex: Human Revolution) it may well tempt people.

Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin is due in early April. The base game was updated yesterday with certain new aspects, including a new NPC, a few new item descriptions, some additional balancing changes and (I’m hearing) a possible new end boss if you play your cards right.

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