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Namco Bandai has bumped up the time Dark Souls 2 will unlock on Steam. Previously, the release and unlock date was 25 April but the publisher has confirmed that you’ll now be able to play FromSoftware’s sequel on the glorious PC platform a little earlier.

According to a post on Namco’s tumblr page (what? you don’t go there for all your up-to-date news?) the new date and time for Dark Souls 2 to unlock on Steam is 24 April at 3pm Pacific time (6pm Eastern.) It’s a worldwide release, so that’ll translate to 11pm in the UK and equivalent times all around the globe.

Not a great deal more to add to that really, other than that IncGamers will have a full review of the PC version up in due course. The review embargo date was originally Friday too, but we’re checking with Namco to see if that’s also been brought forward.

In fact, here it is.

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