September 5th, 2017

Dark Souls 2 screens introduce new characters, monsters, and locations

Dark Souls 2

Namco Bandai have just sneaked out of the shadows and lobbed a load of new screenshots and artwork forĀ Dark Souls 2 at us. As if that isn’t enough, we stepped on a pressure plate that dropped a load of information about what’s in these screenshots, right onto our heads! Needless to say, WE DIED.

So what’ve we got? Well, you’ll spot a few characters in here. There’s the “three old ladies and the Housekeeper”, apparently called Milibeth. There’s a mysterious lady called the Emerald Herald. There’s Merchant Hag Melentia, a Drangleic survivor who wanders the world with his furniture on his back. There’s a cursed lost undead blacksmith called Blacksmith Lenigrast. There’s Maughlin the Armourer, a merchant from the West. There’s the cursed knight, Lucatiel of Mirrah. Finally, there’s Blue Sentinel Targray. If you’re wondering where the hell Drangleic is, then you might want to watch the most recent trailer.

There are also a whole load of monsters. That probably shouldn’t surprise you.

You’ll also apparently spot a load of new locations, features, and places. The five that Namco Bandai have pointed out to us are the Deep Pit, described as “a complicated 3-dimensional map”. There’s an Iron-Barred Gondola, which… well, it’s a gondola. Seriously, there’s not much I can say to make that exciting. There’s Majula, “a place at the extremity of Drangleic.” Finally, there’s a Human Effigy, an item “that could save more than one life.”

The names of the images should give you an idea of what’s shown within each, but in order, the character-only art at the end shows Lenigrast, Targray, the Emerald Herald, Lucatiel, Maughlin, and then Melentia.

YOU DIED is due out on the console things on 11 March, with a PC version due at some unannounced time said to be shortly after. Er, I mean, Dark Souls 2 is due out then. YOU DIED is what happens after you install it.

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