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You can now wear a dragon on your face. As if that will help you stay alive any longer.

The first Dark Souls wasn’t exactly a looker in early screenshots, and its true beauty was only really revealed when the PC version unlocked higher resolution versions of the textures. I’m having to keep that in mind when looking at these new Dark Souls 2 images because … well … the texture quality isn’t the best.

I know, that’s shallow as hell, and what matters is how it plays. But it’s weird, because the Dark Souls 2 beta footage (which, like these screenshots, is from the PS3 version) always looks better than this. Maybe somebody keeps forgetting to switch on the full lighting model when they take images. Or the Namco screenshot guy just isn’t that great. I don’t know.

Anyway, here are lots of images featuring some of the game’s starting classes (Knight, Wanderer, Deprived, Explorer etc,) a few stats screens and some Souls-tastic character creation screens. Nice to see “Hormones” making a reappearance as a slider.

Dark Souls 2 is coming to the PC at some point, but nobody quite knows when.

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