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As far as I can tell, she’ll still say BEARER SEEK SEEK LEST every time you talk to her while hammering to continue through her dialogue.

Everything changes with the release of Dark Souls 2‘s new patch, thanks to all the balance tweaks it contains.

The patch – which updates Dark Souls 2 to 1.04 and the game’s calibration to 1.08 – not only fixes a whole lot of bugs and issues, like the poison pool not disappearing in Earthen Peak, but also rebalances a lot of the game’s equipment. And I mean a lot. Seriously. Peter listed the full patch notes over here, if you’re interested in seeing a gargantuan wall of text full of words like “Lucerne Strong Attack will penetrate shields” and “Decreased the durability of the Defender Greatsword and Watcher Greatsword.”

Nonetheless, I’d still recommend at least going over there and having a skim through. There are a few bits and pieces that are probably worth seeing. The patch appears to be a gig in size, so you should have the time to have a look while it downloads.

In case that’s not enough Dark Souls 2 for you, don’t forget that the first part of the game’s Lost Crowns DLC trilogy – Crown of the Sunken King – is out next week, on 22 July. You might want to get to grips with the rebalanced stuff before that comes out.

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