As every dedicated Dark Souls player knows, you need to look your best when trudging through dungeon depths or taking on bosses. This latest batch of Dark Souls 3 screenshots indicates that the third in the series will have a few new (and classic) outfits to strut around in.

A version of the ever-popular Elite Knight Set looks like it’ll be making a reappearance, and there’s also a bit of a Viking-esque number with furry collar and distinctive helmet. Meanwhile, the sorcerer set has gone a bit Bloodborne with a tri-corne hat. It seems to come with an enigmatic blank mask too.

Aside from Fashion Souls ideas, the images have a bit of Dark Souls 3 multiplayer stuff (nothing amazing there, just confirming the obvious that white and red phantoms will be back) and a spot of spellcasting. One picture features the Dancer of Frigid Valley boss, in case you’ve not seen that one in prior preview coverage.

Here’s the gallery. Images can be clicked to be made larger.

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