Today’s Dark Souls 3 patch (regulation 1.32) was supposed to buff certain elemental infusions, but instead seems to have made several of them worse. That, it seems, was not the intention, and the correct (intended) values will be applied in a further update.

Information about that comes from Namco’s community guy ‘Kimmundi’, who has posted a bit of a clarifying explanation on the appropriate subreddit. “As it has been noted, the infusions haven’t been changed in the way we were expecting,” he confirms.

“The original intent was to buff slightly damage on Casters builds for some infusions, among other balancing, but we misadjusted certain values leading to the current outcome.” Kimmundi adds that From are “fully aware” of this, and will be fixing it in an upcoming patch. There’s no estimated schedule for that next patch release yet, but it probably won’t be all that long given this mix-up.

Further details about Dark Souls 3 patch 1.32 can be found in my prior story (just, er, ignore the bits about buffed elemental infusions). The other headline changes related to aspects of the Ringed City DLC. Namely, toning down the damage on the Laser Angel magical gatling cannons of doom, and rejigging how the PvP Spear of the Church boss fight was balanced.

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