A regulation patch 1.32 for Dark Souls 3, focused on balancing aspects of the DLC and its weapons, will be released on 5 April. That’s going to be “tomorrow” in most situations, and server maintenance is expected in all regions.

That Dark Souls 3 PC maintenance will take place at 11.00am (CEST), 2.00am (PST), and 6.00pm (JST). Namco say it’ll be a short one.

The infamous Dreg Heap Angels (that sounds like a biker gang) from The Ringed City will be getting scaled back slightly. Their laser attack damage is being toned down, and ‘Hidden Body’ will now successfully conceal you from their gaze. The latter is a solid change, rewarding lateral thinking.

Elsewhere, the Ringed City ‘Spear of the Church’ PvP boss fight is being tweaked as well. The bonus damage absorption given to the boss in a 1vs2, 1vs3, or 1vs4 fight is being reduced (1vs1 is the same), but in 1vs1 fights the boss-player will now get fewer HP. I imagine these changes will delight those who thought the encounter was too hard, and annoy the people who feel the fight is already weighted towards co-op gank squads.

The ‘Ringed Knight Paired Greatswords’ are getting reduced damage and increased stamina consumption on the L1(LB) attack, and the same for the Weapon Art ‘Ember’ (come on, you knew that nerf was coming). 1.32 will also address the problems with the ‘Painting Guardian’s Curved Sword’ combo madness too.

There’s more stuff in the full patch notes, including boosted damage scaling (and a handful of reductions in certain circumstances) for quite a few infusions.

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