Dark Souls 3 The Ringed City

Additional details about the final Dark Souls 3 DLC, The Ringed City, have appeared in Japanese publication Famitsu. These constitute spoilers by their very nature, so turn back now unless you want to know things ahead of the 28 March release date.

Firstly, a Namco Bandai rep on Reddit says this same information will be issued tomorrow (8 March) in English, along with new screenshots. So if any of the rough fan translation is a bit off here, we’ll know pretty soon.

The first page apparently translates (broadly) as follows:

Ancient sunken citadel in the darkness, what may have arisen

Meet this Heavy armored knight. Should you believe his words, he has lost his memory and become hollow. Is he continuing his travels to get his memories back?

A clothed ashen giant, it raises both hands up and calls to the skies. It seems it’s calling something far away

A sword made of the form of the Chaos Fire itself. It is both a sword and a Flame”

Ancient remains cling to this ancient weapon. The one called the “Mad King” still lives and may awaken to grant protection to its holder, should it wish to

The second contains a reference to what may be the Abyss Dragon (mentioned in the Ashes of Ariendal DLC):

One of the Old Knights, called a “Knight of the Ring” (Ringed Knight?). It seems it has regained its form even though its fire was sealed by the Gods

A fire-breathing Flying Dragon. It lives in the Darkness, and black crystals etch to its body and fly through the air. In the end, everything will be consumed by the dark

An eternally sleeping girl under the sun’s softness. She is covered in moss and holding a broken shell. Her name is Filianor, and it is said her sleep is for the benefit of others

Knight Clothes of the Age of the Gods. Rarely seen in women, only those of royal blood may wear such exquisite garb

A creature similar to a Pilgrim, there are bodies underneath, and above it on the red sky there might be angels

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