Dark Souls 3

The unusual staggered release of Dark Souls 3 means that the FROM-published Japanese version is already out, and giving us a glimpse of the future with early patches. Apparently the English language Xbox One version (which some managed to get early) has also received this patch.

The PC review build is still at 1.01, but there’s little doubt that it’ll be updated to 1.03 either at release on 12 April or shortly afterwards.

These patch notes are a translation from the Japanese Dark Souls 3 news feed, so may be a little inexact (and, in some parts, are quite vague in any case). They contain references to certain things that people might consider spoilers, and I’ll also be commenting on a couple of the balance changes which may, also, be a bit spoilery. Just so you know.

With that said, here are the translated notes:

Corrected an issue where unvisited bonfires would be lit and visited bonfires would become inaccessible.
Corrected an issue where players would not receive the benefits of burning an Undead Bone Shard at a bonfire after multiplayer sessions.
Corrected an issue where players would receive souls after being summoned in multiplayer.
Corrected an issue where players could be invaded by resting at a bonfire.
Corrected an issue where players could not offer Covnant items.
Introduced a function so that the Fire Keeper and Velka, Goddess of Sin may return the player to life form.
Fixed several performance and bugs, and balanced several items.

One of those items confirmed to be balanced is the Fume Ultra Greatsword, which now has reduced damage. There are also conflicting suggestions regarding Sorceries, and whether they now do a bit more damage in the early game. Some say yes, others say no.

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