Dark Souls II

Namco Bandai is running a shield design contest for Dark Souls II over on Facebook, so if you feel like flexing your medieval-style art skills get on over there and create a stunning piece of heraldry. It’s purely an art design thing, so you won’t be coming up with any stats to create the next Spider Shield, but it’s a neat way of getting yourself in the game nonetheless.

All you have to do is (alas) “like” the Dark Souls II page, then download the blank shield template. You can enter up to three times, and need to do it before 13 May (so you’ve got about a month.)

In the first round of voting, fans will cast ballets for their favourites. Then, an unspecified number of shields with enough votes will be looked over by From Soft judges and they’ll choose six winning designs. Those winners will be revealed at San Diego Comic Con in mid-July, and all six will be in the final game in some form.

Interested in how the PC version of Dark Souls II is shaping up? Read my piece detailing what is known so far (it’s going to be better than the ropey port of the original, that seems clear.)

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