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The influence of the Dark Souls franchise and other Soulsborne games from developer FromSoftware has been immense. It culminated in the fantastic release of Elden Ring earlier this year, but around the same time a major issue cropped up for Dark Souls PC players. A major security risk found in Dark Souls III was discovered, and it caused the online servers for the game to be shut down for most of 2022. Before the shut down, hackers could potentially control other players’ PCs remotely and alter their game. After a long wait, Dark Souls III fans rejoiced when the servers went back online in August, but it appears the game is having issues once again.

The news comes from the official Dark Souls Twitter account. The tweet doesn’t reveal much information. It simply reads: “At this time, there is a confirmed issue with Dark Souls III online play via the Steam platform. We are investigating the source of the problem and will inform you as soon as more details become available. Thank you for your patience.”


Hello darkness my old friend

Dark Souls III players appeared to be the first to find out this bad news the hard way. Players have been complaining about being unable to connect to the online portion of the game on Steam, and it took a while before the official response came.

The lengthy amount of time that the servers were previously disabled for Dark Souls III made some sense, as it was a complicated issue that FromSoftware had to balance with the more pressing release (and future updates) for Elden Ring. But neither the developer nor publisher has released any further updates on the state of the Dark Souls III servers, or what’s even causing this new problem. That said, hopefully this issue gets resolved for Steam users a bit faster than the previous server issue.

Dark Souls 3 Servers Back Online

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