Dark Souls Steam owners getting 50% discount on Dark Souls Remastered?

Dark Souls Steam owners getting 50% discount on Dark Souls Remastered?

Update 12 Jan: It has now been confirmed via PCGamer there will be no discount for existing owners. This is a real shame.

There’s been discussion today regarding the price of Dark Souls Remastered which was announced earlier today. Some PC gamers were disappointed to discover they would have shell out another $40 for the game. Fear not, it appears there might be a discount coming. We say might because it appears text that was on the Xbox pre-order page revealing a Steam discount has vanished.

According to the US Xbox pre-order page earlier today, the Steam edition may have a discount if you already own Dark Souls. There might be a reasonable 50% off for existing owners. Fingers crossed this was not just some weird error and Bandai Namco will officially post up some discount news on Steam.

Dark Souls

As the day has progressed Bandai Namco has been posting more details of the remaster. Other features were also posted on the official Dark Souls steam page which include the following.

  • New Bosses – Including Black Dragon, Sanctuary Guardian, Artorias of the Abyss.
  • PVP Arena & Online Matchmaking System – Quick matching for players to play 1vs1, 2vs2 and 4 player battle royal.
  • New Areas – Including Oolacile Township, Oolacile Sanctuary, Royal Wood, Battle of Stoicism which is the training ground for online PVP battles.
  • New Enemies – Including Wooden scarecrows, Chained Prisoner, Stone Knight.
  • New NPCs – Including Hawkeye Gough, Elizabeth (keeper of the sanctuary).
  • New Weapons and Armor – Equip some from the new bosses, enemies, and NPCs.
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Good news for owners of the original if it happens, it will make the decision to pick up Dark Souls Remastered little easier.

Thanks Steam.

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