In a delightful Easter Egg that happens to bring together two of the very few games IncGamers has awarded 10/10 scores to, Borderlands 2 contains a direct reference to From Software’s Dark Souls. If you want to be spoiled on precisely where this can be found, then click through to the imgur account of one ‘lao113’ where you can see an image depicting the location on the in-game map.

Here are a couple of (fairly) non-spoilery shots taken by lao113 showing a Souls style phantom sat by a familiar bonfire and the knight ‘Solitaire’ (referencing everyone’s favourite jolly co-operation buddy from Dark Souls, Solaire of Astora).

Head here for John’s review of Borderlands 2 and here if you fancy reading my thoughts on the PC version of Dark Souls (short version: rudimentary port, outstanding game).

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