Darkest Dungeon developer Tyler Sigman is having to remind people that the only places to legitimately pick the Early Access game up are Steam (obviously,) and the Humble Bundle store.

If you bought the game anywhere else, then, in Sigman’s words “you got scammed.”

The specific Darkest Dungeon scam in question is (at the time of writing) up on the Windows Game Store. If you’re not aware of the Windows Game Store, that places you in the majority of PC users.

Anyway, there’s a version up on there (which I won’t link to for fairly clear reasons) going for $3.99 USD. It’s also listed as being 2MB in size. Nothing dodgy going on with that at all. Nor is it at all weird that the same ‘seller’ is offering copies of Game Dev Tycoon and Shadowrun Returns.

Presumably if you attempt to buy these games you end up with sod-all. Sigman is asking anybody with a Windows Game Store contact to share it with him, so he can try to get the page taken down.

It doesn’t say much for the store’s quality control methods when somebody with the contact email “[email protected]” can toss up a scam page for a recently released (and fairly well known, thanks to positive coverage from┬ápeople including our very own Tim McDonald) Early Access game.

Peter Parrish

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