Darkfall Expansion Live, US Client Delayed

Developers of Adventurine’s MMO, Darkfall, have released the first expansion for the game.

Despite a relatively short time since the game launched back in February, developers have been working to remedy several of the game’s issues. The review of Darkfall’s first free expansion starts off with a list if things that have been re-balanced, including PvE monsters, weapons and armour. It is also noted that the re-balancing process will not end with the introduction of this expansion.

On a positive note, many additions have being applied to the game. Player housing is being introduced and with it, a village system. A new character specialisation system, which allows players to enhance and customise characters depending on their play styles, is also arriving along with several other features such as a weather system, title quests, a compass and a new teleportation method known as the Nexus system.

However, all this means that the long-awaited US launch will be delayed until 13 July.

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