Aventurine has released the full patch notes for Darkfall’s update, due next month.Masses of changes are due to hit the game, including alterations to naval combat. Ships have had their hit points significantly reduced, and damaged ships now move slower, making it harder for them to run away when under attack.Graphics have also received quite an overhaul; several environment items such as plants have been improved, along with certain props. Buildings in several areas have been improved too.A selection of new weapons has been added to the game including one-handed clubs and elemental bows. The time it takes to skill up in the various schools of magic has been reduced, in preparation for adding more spells. Mana and ingredient costs for many spells have also been reduced.Finally, the advantage of fighting monsters versus players has been massively boosted. The amount of skill gain from fighting and getting hit by monsters is now approximately triple that of fighting another player.See the patch notes for the full list of upcoming changes.

Paul Younger
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