Darklight Catacombs Shadow Of The Erdtree
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Darklight Catacombs walkthrough in Shadow of The Erdtree

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The Darklight Catacombs in Shadow of The Erdtree suck for a few reasons. The first is that they are completely dark, requiring a lantern and some guesswork. The second is that there are enemies whose entire face is gun.

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How to navigate the Darklight Catacombs in SoTE

To reach the Darklight Catacombs, you can follow this easy guide on the Abyssal Woods. This will put you right at the entrance, ready to enjoy every brutal minute of this stupid cave.

Before you do anything else, equip your lantern. This can be bought from the merchant sitting right by the Liurina Lake Shore Site of Grace for 1,800 runes. This is an essential piece of equipment.

Heading to the first lift

Descend the lift into the Darklight Catacombs. Head immediately forward to the item at the end but beware of the attack from the left. You will be able to collect Grave Glovewort 5 here. Double back and take a left through the arch, taking another left at the end and following the path down.

Enter into a room with two enemies. I suggest killing them and then dropping down, ensuring you stick to the right wall. There is a hidden Bigmouth Imp on the right who will blast you to dust if you’re in its range. Approach the door on the right and kill the imp to continue on with the Darklight Catacombs.

Double back on yourself to the ledge you just dropped off to find the switch to turn on the first set of lights. Exit the room via the door with the Bigmouth Imp to find a walled ledge on your right. Carefully drop off this onto the ledge below for a hidden chest and shortcut.

Darklight Catacombs Walkthrough Shadow Of The Erdtree
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Make your way along the ledge to where you can see an opening in the wall below. Carefully drop down into this opening to receive the Veridian Amber Medallion +3. This handy medallion raises stamina significantly, so it is a great addition to any build.

Turn around and drop off this ledge to the bridge below to continue to the first lift in the Darklight Catacombs in Shadow of the Erdtree. You can double back over the bridge into the room for a Ghost Glovewort 1 if you want it.

To the second Darklight Catacombs lift

Leaving the first lift you need to head down the stairs, being aware of the enemy at the end on the right. Continue forward into the room in front of you. Kill the Bigmouth Imp at the end and turn around. In the middle of the room, there is a ladder leading up to a pillar. Use this and take a right at the top for the next light switch in the Darklight Catacombs.

Now, head back up the stairs you just came down from the lift and look to your right. You will notice a ladder up the wall. You will be able to get to this by very carefully dropping down onto the ledge below. Take the ladder to receive Shadow Realm Rune 5 and Ghost Glovewort 2. Be careful of the two enemies.

Darklight Catacombs Shadow Of The Erdtree (2)
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Head to the second set of stairs, but don’t go down them; there is more loot to be found in the Darklight Catacombs. At the top of the stairs, look for a gap in the banister. You need to very carefully drop down here to the ledge below to find an enemy to your right and the Death Knight Armour set.

Drop down the long ladder to the right of the entrance, and take a right through the door. Beware of the Sorcerer to your right. Kill it and turn around to find Ghost Glovewort 9 on a corpse. Drop off the ledge to the floor below and make your way forward to the second lift in the Darklight Catacombs Shadow of the Erdtree walkthrough.

How to beat the Bigmouth Imp

Exiting this lift will put you down a few sets of stairs and then face to face with the biggest Bigmouth Imp you have ever seen. It will blast you to bits if you don’t immediately start rolling. This is the final boss of the Darlight Catacombs in Shadow of The Erdtree.

Enter into the room and head to the left. Here you will see a bridge. Roll through the first few shots from the Bigmouth Imp and look for the two outcrops from the bridge. Get to the first one and hide behind the pillar to avoid the Bigmouth Imps shots. You will have to kill another imp on this little refuge.

Bigmouth Imp Darklight Catacombs
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Run to the room at the end and activate the lever. Again, make sure you time leaving the room between shots, using the pillar and outcrops on the bridge to shield you from shots. The lever will have lowered the Bigmouth Imp to your level, ready to be slain.

Run towards the Bigmouth Imp and get beneath it. You should easily be able to kill it from here. It is devastating at the range but awful up close. Kill it to receive the Bigmouth Imp Ashes located in a chest behind it. This is a great ranged Ash for you to spend your many Darklight Catacombs Glovewort on in Shadow of The Erdtree.

In the main room, go back to where you entered. Beneath the drop is a small cavern containing one more Ghost Glovewort 8. However, be aware it is being guarded by yet another Bigmouth Imp hiding in a corner.

Bigmouth Imp Darklight Catacombs (2)
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From where you collected the Bigmouth Imp Ashes, head up the ladder in the room and continue on to receive one more Ghost Glovewort 3. From here, head down the stairs and finally down the last lift. This will kick you out into the Forsake Graveyard to fight Jori, Elder Inquisitor. Have fun with that! Check out our guides hub for all the help you need in Shadow of The Erdtree.

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