Publisher THQ has provided us with the skill trees for the upcoming Darksiders 2.
The skills that protagonist Death can learn are split into two seperate section. Loosely speaking, the Necromancer Tree is based on magic attacks while the Harbinger Tree focuses on melee combat.
Players can unlock skills in both trees throughout the campaign, allowing you to mix and match abilities that suit your play style.
Today saw the publishing of our latest hands-on with Darksiders 2, which you can read here.
Full skill tree unlocks below trailer:
Necromancer Tree

Exhume: Death summons bloodthirsty Ghouls from beyond the grave to fight alongside him.
Undying: Increases the health of the summoned Ghouls.
Envervation: Damage dealt by the Ghouls is awarded as Wrath for Death.
Death’s Allure: Death’s enemies are driven to attack the summoned Ghouls.
Fiery Souls: Ghouls deal additional fire damage to surrounding enemies.
Corpse Explosion: Summoned Ghouls explode when killed or the ability ends, damaging and knocking back nearby enemies.
Aegis Guard: Death surrounds himself with a necromantic shield, significantly increasing his Defense and Resistance.
Grave Defense: Aegis Guard enhances Death’s Arcane attribute while the ability is active.
Reflect: Death’s Aegis Guard reflects a portion of any damage dealt to Death back at its source.
Grounding: Threads of lightning arc from Death while Aegis Guard is active, damaging nearby enemies.
Enraged Guardian: The arcane power of Aegis Guard increases Death’s Arcane Critical Chance while active.
Death Guard: Death’s Aegis Guard lasts longer and requires less effort to summon.
Murder: A murder of crows emerges from the ether, called by Death to attack his foes. 
Bless: Death’s crows restore their master’s health by attacking his enemies.
Heralds of Death: The summoned crows restore Reaper Energy to Death with every strike.
Ice Crows: Death’s crows, imbued with the chill of the Abyssal Plains, deal ice damage to all enemies they strike.
Bone Storm: Death form rips apart into a tornado of debris and fragments of ancient bone, laying waste to those caught in the maelstrom.

Harbinger Tree

Teleport Slash: Death teleports across the battlefield and delivers a violent scythe attack that deals damage and restores Death’s health.
Immolation: All enemies struck by Teleport Slash are set ablaze.
Inescapable: All enemies struck by Teleport Slash are slowed by Frost.
Rage of the Grave: Death gains health from enemies killed by Teleport Slash.
Unending  Fury: Enemies killed by Teleport Slash reduce the Wrath cost of Death’s Harvest attack.
Death Blossom: Enemies slain by Teleport Slash blast apart on impact, damaging nearby foes.
Harvest: Death’s true incarnation appears, unleashing a spinning scythe attack that devastates surrounding foes.
Reaping: Reaping increases the chance of scoring critical hit on enemies struck by Harvest.
Trauma: Enemies struck by Harvest increase the damage dealt by all of Death’s attacks for a short time.
Red Harvest: Enemies struck by Harvest grant Reaper Energy.
Unstoppable: Death’s unearthly strength is increased for a short time.
Inevitability: While Unstoppable is active, Death is more likely to deal a critical strike.
Empowerment: Death’s Critical Strikes deal additional damage while Unstoppable is active.
Killing Blow: While Unstoppable is active, Death has a chance to deal a second strike with each attack.
Call of the Grave: The duration of Death’s Unstoppable ability is increased.
Frenzy: Death is infused with unnatural speed and ferocity. Enemies move slower while Death moves faster.

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