Darksiders Genesis

Darksiders Genesis is coming to PC on December 5. Developed by Airship Syndicate and published by THQ Nordic, Darksiders Genesis will see the player control Strife, the fourth Horseman of the Apocalypse. Watch him go up against the three-headed Malgros the Defiler in the CGI trailer below.

There’s time for jokes in Hell

The CGI trailer certainly has a different tone than previous Darksiders titles. While the setting and creature design are the same, Strife has a little more, let’s say, personality than his rather stoic brothers and sister. Strife makes a few quips, and his body language leans more toward comedy than epic fantasy. He reminds me of a bit of Cayde-6 from Destiny in how he treats such a dangerous situation so flippantly. Surrounded by a host of demons and facing off against the gigantic Malgros, he’s cocksure and dismissive of their threats. As if to further clarify that this game will have a different tone, the action kicks off to the tune of “Bad Moon Rising.” After all, this game is a prequel for the series, taking place before humanity was wiped out in the Apocalypse — there might be room for levity here.

Plus, he’s not alone. War, the Horseman from Darksiders, comes barreling in via a big old fireball. We’ve seen War and Strife in action together in previous trailers for Darksiders Genesis, but still no word on if the other two Horsemen might be making an appearance. Malgros does mention a previous run-in with Fury, the heroine of Darksiders 3, but no mention of Death. Hopefully, we’ll hear something about him during the game and find out what he was up to before everything went to hell in Darksiders.

Show those demons who’s boss

Darksiders Genesis is an isometric action-adventure that follows Strife and War as they cut a swath through the demonic armies of Hell. You can play Darksiders Genesis alone and control both War and Strife, or you and a friend can join up to make mincemeat out of angels and demons. Expect the traditional Darksiders leveling system as well. You’ll become more powerful as you gather items, abilities, enhancements, and other objects throughout the campaign.

You can pre-order Darksiders Genesis on the game’s website or on Steam and get a 15% discount.

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