Darude takes to the dududu-Dota 2 after-party stage

dota darude
The real winner of The International 4 makes his appearance.

I also never miss an opportunity to write a gaming article about Darude, so: he’s just hit the stage at Dota 2‘s The International 4 after-party.

The promised man is currently holding up a camera and a sign that reads HELLO, which makes me think he might have forgotten what he’s supposed to be doing. And, naturally, within 5 seconds of him appearing, Twitch chat started asking HAS HE PLAYED SANDSTORM YET.

I can answer that here: no, he hasn’t played Sandstorm yet. He does appear to be wearing a t-shirt that reads “Darude”, though, which I guess is helpful. I suppose this means everyone knows who he is (unless he’s at one of his own shows, in which case it might get a bit confusing if lots of people are there and wearing clothing embossed with his name) and if he forgets, he can always just look down at his chest. Also, there are acrobatic ladies in skin-tight clothing twirling around on the curtains, which I’m pretty sure contravenes some sort of health and safety regulation.

With that, Dota 2‘s The International 4 after-party has finally begun! Or ended. I’m going to bed, anyway, because it’s 7am. If you want to tune in for dududududu then you can do so over here, or just click the thingy below, which I’ve hopefully prevented from autoplaying. That might have broken it. I don’t know. For a written retrospective of the whole International 4 event, read this article.

IMPORTANT DARUDE UPDATE: He just played five seconds of Sandstorm. And then segued it into something else. Then he played another five seconds, and then segued into something else again. Dududududu has been given.

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