In you live in the UK, lack a significant other and enjoy a little videogame action then webiste ‘Date a Gamer’ might be for you.
The website is UK based, and declares that “Gaming is hot. So don’t stay single any longer. Come in and play.” I’m sure you’ll agree that a more enticing message has never been written.
If you’re after something a little less serious then a full-blown relationship, Date a Gamer can apparently help with that as well. It says that it’s also capable of getting you “some nookie just before you get into another Call of Duty session.” Joy.
Guess what? It all looks like bollocks. Upon signing up you’ll find that the majority of profiles belong to women that have no mention of videogames in their profiles. It seems that this is all just a crafty trick in which one website has been duplicated and re-skinned to appeal to ‘gamers’ (I hate that term, a film lover isn’t a ‘filmer’). 
Sorry Call of Duty players, unless you get off your ass you’re not getting any nookie. 
Source: Date a Gamer

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