Dauntless Stormchasers update Malkarion

Dauntless’ Stormchasers update adds mounting and a storm dragon

Riders on the storm (dragon)
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Dauntless, the monster-hunting action RPG, received a rather large update today: Stormchasers. Dauntless players can expect a new monster to hunt, a new challenge, the Myth & Legend Hunt Pass, and a bucketload of improvements as the game moves to version 1.1.0. Check out the trailer below for a glimpse at some of the action (it’s a Nintendo Switch trailer, but it showcases some of the new gameplay from Stormchasers).

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Prove your mettle

A new game mode, Escalation, has been introduced with the Stormchasers update. Dauntless players who have the appropriate gear score (350+) can begin these new challenges. What is Escalation? Think horde mode, but replace the horde with one Behemoth that you have to take down. Except, once it’s down, you still need to take down four more Behemoths back-to-back. You don’t get the chance to go back to town to refill on supplies, either, so I hope your reflexes are on point.

Dauntless Mounted Combat

Enter Dauntless’ newest behemoth

Dauntless is getting a new monster, or Behemoth, in the Stormchasers update. It’s an aerial beast called the Malkarion. He’s sort of a big deal, being a storm dragon and all. If you manage to complete the aforementioned Escalation, then you earn the right to face Malkarion. Be warned, however, that Malkarion will present an entirely different set of moves than you might be used to from other, lesser Behemoths.

Malkarion is notable because he is an aerial enemy, and he will maintain his distance. You might try a bit of ranged damage, but to truly hurt him, you’ll need to master Dauntless‘ newest mechanic: mounting. That’s right. Get up there and climb that dragon, then stab him with something pointy. Similar to Monster Hunter: World, targeting different parts of Malkarion’s body — his head, body, or tail — will cause different effects. Be wary, though. He’s got some moves of his own to counter mounted players.

If you succeed in slaying Malkarion, you can expect some goodies. You’ll gain access to Dauntless‘ first-ever set of Legendary weapons, which have a special ability you can use to help slay other Behemoths. You can also craft a set of Ultra Armor based on the storm dragon aesthetic.

Dauntless Legendary Weapons

The Myth & Legend Hunt Pass and other improvements

Dauntless is also entering the Myth & Legend Hunt Pass season, following the Haunted Shadows Hunt Pass from October. Players who progress through the Hunt Pass can unlock a First Slayer set of cosmetic armor, steel marks, and a set of Ultra Armor. You’ll need to work hard to get there, though.

The Stormchasers update is also bringing a quick chat option to Dauntless, which uses a wheel to allow players to quickly emote to other players. Dauntless has crossplay, so this should be helpful if your friends are playing on consoles. The quick chat menu is detailed, as well. It has the basics like “yes” and “no”, but you can also use it to ask players to target specific Behemoth body parts. There have also been a few reworks on the HUD, like Behemoth health tracking.


Dauntless is free-to-play on the Epic Games Store. If you want to know more, take a look at the full patch notes.

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