David Cage: There are no games for adults, more innovation needed

Speaking at a behind closed doors event at Gamescom last week, Quantic Dream founder and CEO David Cage said that there are “no games for an adult audience” and that more innovation is needed to if the videogame industry is going to succeed in prying older players away from movies and TV shows.

Cage’s talk was largely focused on the process of capturing the actors’ performances for the upcoming Beyond: Two Souls, but the latter half of the session went on to talk about games in general.

When asked whether the gaming audience’s attitude towards games that focus on emotional engagement has changed with Heavy Rain and, potentially, Beyond, Cage said:

“I wouldn’t say that it has changed with Heavy Rain and Beyond, I would say that it has and will change in general. What you see at the moment is that when people get older they stop playing games.

“This is especially true for people outside of the industry, ask them what they play and you will find that say “I don’t play, because I don’t have time anymore.” But, wait a minute, they have time to go on the internet and watch TV and movies but you don’t have time to play games?

“Actually, the truth is that there are no games for an adult audience. That’s why they don’t play anymore. So let’s try to make games for an adult audience. I’m not fighting to have all games end up like the ones I’m doing, that’s just one possibility. Look at what Jenova Chen is doing with Journey, for example, totally different from what I’m doing and very original and very interesting.”

Cage finished with a thumbs up to the indie scene:

“Games in the indie space are some of the best examples and they’re exactly what this industry needs. We need innovation and new ideas. There are enough games where we shot at people already.”

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  • edder

    Look who’s talkin a guy who made most stupid game of this gen – Heavy Rain.

    • DrMossman

      It’s nice to see you have an opinion, but considering the fact that Heavy Rain received responses in the 8/10 and higher category, we can safely assume that your opinion is…well wrong.
      Not to mention the game has shipped well over 2million copies since its launch in 2010…
      It may not be the call-of-duty,tekken,final fantasy,halo pick ‘n’ mix most people are used to, but it was a brave step and they were rewarded for it.

      Engage brain before posting.

    • GrowUp

      errr… Heavy Rain was stunning.

  • CursedSeishi

    And I remember him also whining so loudly about his poor “Heavy Rain” was pirated so harshly. Doesn’t help when you make a one-off title that isn’t worth anything more than a rental.

    The guy is an entitled ass. Adults don’t play games because there is none for them? Bull. People work anywhere between 8-12 hours a day, some even more. Throw in some hours for sleep in there as well, and that leaves you with what? 4-6 hours tops? And lets ignore all the other responsibilities that must be dealt with as well off-work, or the fact that a movie is normally in the range of 1-2 hours, same with TV shows, and the internet being practically the same seeing as it needs no real investment.
    Lots of people prefer having some time to really invest playing those games.

    But no, keep putting yourself on a pedestal Mr. Cage, you’re deeefinitely the saving grace for all those adult gamers out there huh?

  • It’s true. I see the excuse of “no time” rolled out so often when it comes to gaming but they’ll think nothing of spending 2 hours or more of an evening glued to the box watching some shitey tv. There are definitely some quality programmes worth watching but we all (or most I imagine) are still guilty of watching dross, channel surfing in the hope of finding something half decent to watch.

    It’s not as if you need hours and hours free to dedicate to a game either. I see no difference between playing a game for 2 hours or watching the box at night but I’m a gamer. Trying to get that across to a non-gamer is a tougher challenge.