April 6th, 2017

Dawn of War Designer Joins StarCraft 2?

Jonny Ebbert from the Warhammer 40,000 Series has left Relic to join Blizzard.

It seems Blizzard must have a very strong pull on game industry designers as Ebbert originally worked as a Lead Designer at Relic for the Dawn of War (DoW) series (including Dark Crusade, Dawn of War and Chaos Rising) and has stepped down to be a “regular” game designer at Blizzard.

As recruitment goes he is not the first; Dustin Browder, Lead Designer of StarCraft II, is well known for his previous work on the Command & Conquer series before joining Blizzard and the StarCraft II team. While Ebbert did not land such a glamorous title, he is one of many to join Blizzard’s ever growing development team in the last few years.

Since Ebbert has worked on DoW to such an extent, it seems likely he is assigned to the StarCraft II development at Blizzard, but could possibly be a new figure in the Battle.net team. Regardless, both projects involve StarCraft II to some degree, so his experienced hands will definitely help this slightly delayed Blizzard RTS.

The StarCraft 2 beta seems to be closing in, so make sure to check back to IncGamers.com and our StarCraft channel for further updates.

Jonny Ebbert’s LinkedIn profile.

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