Dawn Of War II: Chaos Rising Pre-Order Deal Revealed

Dawn of War II: Chaos Rising is now available to pre-order on Steam, with Saints Row 2 providing a nice incentive to do so.Pre-ordering the stand-alone expansion for Dawn of War II on Steam – currently priced at £29.99 GBP – will immediately net you a free copy of Saints Row 2, currently on Steam at £9.99 GBP.Chaos Rising pits the Blood Ravens, newly victorious against the Tyranids, against the corrupting influence of Chaos’ Black Legion. Expect 15 new single-player missions, a level cap raised to 30, new environments and maps, a “Chaos Corruption” mechanic, and – best of all – the ability to play as Chaos in multiplayer. Read up on it here.Dawn of War II: Chaos Rising is due out on 11 March. Based on Dawn of War II, we’ll be keeping our peepers out for it. Blood for the blood god!

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