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Dawn of War 3 balance patch details, update out now

This article is over 7 years old and may contain outdated information

Relic’s first significant balance patch for Dawn of War 3 is out of the door today, and should automatically download through Steam. It makes global changes to some of the Escalation Phase mechanics and Super Ability cooldowns, as well as individual changes to many unit types.

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On a broad scale, Super Abilities now take longer to charge back up (7.5 minutes rather than 5) and the Base Requisition rate has been boosted to 340 per minute from 260. Base turret damage numbers have seen changes too (see below in the notes).

In addition to the balance changes, Dawn of War 3 now has multiplayer leaderboards. It also lists an improvement to “Opponent AI” and notes that these alterations to unit balance only affect multiplayer, not the single player campaign. For an exhaustive list of the faction changes have a read of the full changelog. Below, there’s a summary of the broader changes.


Leaderboards have been added


Opponent AI
The Codex now includes all Elite units
Balance update (multiplayer only, balance changes do not apply to the campaign)


Cooldown of all Super Abilities (Orbital Bombardment, Eldritch Storm, and Rokks) increased from 5 minutes to 7.5 minutes
Base Requisition rate increased from 260 per minute to 340 per minute
Base Turret damage reduced from 50 to 12.5 with each player in the game increasing that damage by 12.5 (i.e. 1v1 = 25 damage; 2v2 = 37.5 damage; 3v3 = 50 damage)
Turret primary weapon damage reduced from 40 to 15 with each player in the game increasing that damage by 6.25 (1v1 = 21.25 damage; 2v2 = 27.5 damage; 3v3 = 33.75 damage)

Escalation Phases

Phase 1: Increased refund on unit loss from 25% to 35%
Phase 2: Increased refund on unit loss from 15% to 25%
Phase 4: Decreased resource rate bonus from 50% to 25%

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