The latest Dawn of War 3 unit ‘spotlight’ takes a look at the Eldar Howling Banshees, and their in-game abilities. For those unfamiliar with Warhammer 40,000, these Eldar ladies get their name from the sonic amplifier inside their distinctive masks.

Those masks aren’t just for effect, they’re a powerful melee tool; the Banshee shrieks are so overwhelming, that they can paralyse enemies in fear. Howling Banshees are agile, lightly-equipped warriors, ideal for fierce hit and run attacks.

Sent in alone, or left to battle it out in melee combat for too long, Howling Banshees won’t fair too well. But for quickly locking up foes in melee combat, groups of Banshees should be very useful.

Here’s a rundown of their abilities in Dawn of War 3.

Fleet of Foot (Passive)

Increased speed and Battle Focus regeneration within the psychic radius of a Webway Gate.

Battle Scream (Passive)

When charging into melee, Howling Banshees let out a psychosonic scream that slows enemies in an area.

Quick Strike – Requires Upgrade

The Howling Banshees rush forward in a straight line, damaging and knocking back enemies in their path.

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