Dawn of War 3 patch on 20 July to add new map, custom Elite skins

Dawn of War 3 patch on 20 July to add new map, custom Elite skins

The latest Dawn of War 3 community update has spelled out what’s coming up for the game in a 20 July patch. Expect single player campaign rewards, custom paint job skins for Elites, a new map, and some UI changes.

The new map will be a 2v2 and 3v3 affair called Manufactorum. It’ll be available for all multiplayer modes (and it sounds like skirmish matches too).

Dawn of War 3 will also be getting some custom skins for the Elite units. This is a response to (quite reasonable) complaints that it doesn’t make much sense to have Blood Raven Gabriel Angelos stamping around with a completely different Space Marine chapter. Not only will you be able to switch Angelos’ paint scheme, you’ll be able to use a new skin where he wears a helmet and looks like a more generic commander. Jonah Orion will get a helmeted model too, as will Macha for the Eldar.

In addition to all those cosmetics, the single player campaign will now give out additional rewards. You’ll be able to get “player portraits as well as exclusive Elite skins“. If you already completed the campaign, the rewards will appear retroactively.

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