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As previously reported, today is the day Dawn of War 3 gets a pair of Annihilation multiplayer modes. As well as ‘Classic’ Annihilation, and one with added defenses, Dawn of War 3 multiplayer also gains one new map.

That map is called Mortis Vale and can be played in 2v2 or 3v3. It’s usable in any multiplayer mode and, according to Relic, has “lots of flanking opportunities”. This patch also adds the following new doctrines (which, judging by their names, are all turret-related): Tarantula Turret, Big Shoota Turret, and Shuriken Grav Platform.

In addition, Dawn of War 3 players are getting some new skins with this patch. You can pretty-up your troops with the House Raven Imperial Knight Paladin, Exalted Wraithknight, and Deathskulls Gorkanaut. Full patch notes, which include some balance changes, can be read here.

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