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Dawn of War 3 trailer heralds launch of multiplayer open beta

Relic have put out a scene-setting trailer for the upcoming Dawn of War 3 today, handily coinciding with the beginning of an open beta weekend. It’s mostly prophetic narration, alluding to the plot of the single player campaign and introducing the three main faction commanders.

The open beta for multiplayer starts today at 6pm UK (10am Pacific) time. When that time ticks around, you should be able to download the relevant client from Dawn of War 3’s main Steam page (no need to sign up any more). If it’s like the closed beta sessions, all three factions will be available to play and there’ll be a selection of ‘Elites’ to try out from each one.

This beta runs all weekend, and finishes on 24 April at 6pm UK time. Here’s the trailer, and here’s the PC Invasion review of the full game.