Steam’s Greenlight process is kind of like an indie purgatory. You get to hang out with similar-minded people (other indie devs,) while you wait for the nod that you’re allowed to enter heaven (Steam.) Is that a blasphemous analogy? It probably is, sorry.

The thing is, all is not well in the state of Greenlight. We know from the experience of Paranautical Activity that the system has a whole lot of kinks (not the fun kind) to work out. Right now, it seems the best option for indie developers is to band together and attempt to get enough exposure for their titles to push them safely through Greenlight.

That’s the idea behind the Greenlight Supershow, a 13 hour BONANZA (their caps, not mine) of indie gaming goodness streamed through It’s planned for 29 June at 10.30am (US Eastern time,) and will feature over 25 different indie games (plus gameplay,) special guests, giveaways and no cake whatsoever. How would they stream cake into your mouth? Come on, that’s just silly.

Greenlight Supershow is being organised and hosted by Alix Stolzer of dynamic indie duo RobotLovesKitty. Their own game, Legend of Dungeon, was Greenlit earlier this year.

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