Dave Grossman has stated that he “[doesn’t] want to answer” questions about a possible Day of the Tentacle return.Grossman, one of the original Monkey Island and Day of the Tentacle creators, is currently working as design director on Telltale’s Tales of Monkey Island game and was quizzed by CVG as to the possibility of a return to Day of the Tentacle.“I don’t want to answer that question,” he laughed. “You’d have to ask [LucasArts] that.”Grossman is happy that LucasArts is going back to its old franchises, however, and implies that more old franchises could be in the works, giving a bit of hope to those who want another Day of the Tentacle.“They’ve got some really got properties and I was sorry to see them vanish and dissolve,” he said, before adding – when asked about why the return to franchises has taken so long – that “We were actually interested in it five years ago and LucasArts were reluctant. Once LucasArts got a new president, Darrell Rodriguez a year and a half ago, he was interested in old adventure game properties and wanted to revitalise those. So all of a sudden it fitted in with what we wanted to do.”Day of the Tentacle was a super-brilliant fan-dabby-tastic point and click adventure that saw three characters going back to the Maniac Mansion house and travelling through time in an attempt to stop Purple Tentacle – inspired by his newfound arms (don’t ask) – from taking over the world.

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