Following feedback from fans, Daybreak has decided to delay plans to add subscription to H1Z1’s Battle Royale mode.

This is the statement direct from Daybreak head John Smedley:

We’ve listened to your feedback. It came through loud and clear. From our perspective we’ve been really super clear about our plans from even before day 1 regarding this. What’s also clear though is that you expect more from us in terms of quality level so that’s what we’re going to do. We’ll focus on bugs, awesome new stuff and adding a ton of features to BR and our main game to make you feel like you’re more than happy to pay for it. Only then will we charge for it.

For the sake of context, H1Z1 has only been a few months in Early Access, with much of the game’s main mode still needing polish.

Battle Royale is not the main game mode, but a survival mode literally ported from Arma 3. Access was gated via random ticket drops, but Daybreak was planning to add a monthly subscription so you could play in it every day.

And that’s OK. The problem was that these were coming in too early for the game, esp when the main mode still needed work. It’s good that Daybreak recognized where fans were coming from, and hopefully they can get the game running into shape that they can safely add this in sooner rather than later.

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