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Put that down, you don’t know where it’s been.

Zombie Studios’ procedurally generated horror outing, Daylight, is coming on 8 April and will cost £12.00 GBP on Steam. Those are the practical details, but publisher Atlus has also released a bit more information about the levels to be found within the game.

Daylight is based in an old hospital with a grim past (haphazard civil war body disposal, plague, riverboat disasters,) and the first area players will have to navigate through is offices belonging to a Dr Mercer. After they make their way out of there, the hospital will give way to a prison. This is, according to Atlus, the first place where the encountered spirits will get “aggressive.” That doesn’t sound too pleasant.

Beyond the prison, there’s a sewer bit (obviously) and then a forest. This is a larger, open area, but still has the procedurally generated environments as the rest of the game. Based on the new screenshots there’s a Thief 2-style creepy doll hanging around there too. While we’re on the subject of weird things in the screenshots, what’s going on with out left arm in some of those shots? It seems to have a pseudo-map of a labyrinth on it, or something.

Puzzle over them yourselves, below.

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