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0.49 needs more time in the DayZ oven.

The latest word from the DayZ blog is that the expected 0.49 update will be delayed for a week, to allow for a “strong QA pass”. According to the blog post, this current update involved “an extensive code merge from the team in Bratislava.” I don’t know what that means, but it included work on navigation mesh, animal AI, horticulture, and animation system changes.

Due to that code merge and the aforementioned need for extra QA, 0.49 had to be pushed.

However, the experimental branch of the game will be getting a 0.49-related update this week, in order to help with testing before moving it out to the stable build. BattlEye will also be broadcasting reminder messages about the “stable hive reset” that’ll come with a stable 0.49 release. That sentence sounds like it belongs in a science fiction novel, but it appears to actually relate to DayZ in some form.

0.49 will add persistent storage to all stable branch servers, so it’s noted that people renting DayZ servers should check their respective back-up policies.

In September, “several new initiatives to increase transparency and accessibility into the development process will be rolled out.” One of those ideas is mentioned; a regular development team Twitch stream located here.

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