The Dayz mod for ArmA II has passed the 900,000 unique players mark. Created by Dean “Rocket” Hall and his team, the mod has been one of the videogame success stories of the year and one that has seen sales of ArmA II spike.

If you don’t know what DayZ then, firstly, shame on you, secondly, you should try it for yourself. The zombie apocalypse make-over to ArmA II is no ‘normal’ mod, it’s a complete overhaul. Aside from the visuals and the way you move and interact with your on-screen self, DayZ is a game that bares very little in common with ArmA II.

It’s tense, it’s unsettling, it’s fantastically rewarding and – depending on how you play and which other player you meet – it’s a great example of the human spirit working together to overcome the odds, or it’s a warning sign not to trust your fellow man when horrific events start to roll in.

Yes, we play DayZ, which you’ll already know if you’ve been keeping track of our DayZ video journals. If you haven’t seen our journals, you can start watching from #01 here.

We’ll be chatting with Dean Hall at Gamescom, so look out for our interview with the mod’s creator in the next few weeks.

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