June 22nd, 2017

DayZ Standalone experimental branch updated – Steam cloud profiles

DayZ Standalone

The DayZ Standalone team are working flat-out at getting new updates pushed out to the experimental branch for the game and new one has just gone live now.

There are actually no notes to accompany this update as Dean Hall says there will be changes made “regularly” over the next week. Mysterious!

Dean also points out that from 0.36 player profiled will be stored in the Steam cloud which is good news for players.

The internal build is also being worked on heavily with more graphics optimisations.

Finally, the GPU bug that surfaced should also be hotfixed for 0.35 on the live servers now so hopefully that will have solved problems people were reporting yesterday.

A reminder to everyone that this is still Early Access so it’s not worth moaning about issues, that’s why you are playing it, to get all the nasty bugs sorted and to help the team test the game.

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