DayZ Standalone GPU memory leak, FPS and other bugs – Fixes incoming

DayZ Standalone

Tomorrow is the day the latest DayZ Standalone experimental build is to be be pushed to the live servers but there is quite a few serious issues with the game being reported in the past 24 hours.

One of the problems is a GPU memory leak/FPS bug which Dean Halls says will be fixed in an update tomorrow so don;t freak out, they are aware of the problems.

That’s not all though textrure loading on with them tqaking an unusual time to load.

Our readers have also been reporting weird anomalies and bugs as WAWSKI posted his issues…

so unstable!!!

*does not equip items
*game crashes
*when login, legs suddenly broken

this is only after 15 minutes of playing.

So it seems this latest build is not fantastic but it was scheduled for a release tomorrow and fixes do appear to be incoming.

Welcome to DayZ Standalone Early Access everyone.

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