DayZ Standalone sales have positive effect on development roadmap


DayZ Standalone is a funny beast. It was released on Steam Early Access with a warning from creator Dean Hall saying that in it’s current state it’s basically a bit crap. Not even that could deter fans.

The game has been topping the Steam Sales charts for a couple of weeks and has sold a lot more than either Bohemia or Dean Hall had ever expected. With the money rolling in for what is effectively a broken game at the moment, it has spurred on Hall and the team. Hall commented on Reddit that the sales will have a “very positive” effect on January’s development roadmap.

“We (bohemia and I) had very ambitious plans for 2014 already, however this amount of sales was completely unexpected. Honestly, 250k within a quarter was what I would have considered a success. So to move nearly 800,000 in under a month is crazy.

We’ll be finalizing our roadmap in mid January, but it is safe to say that this kind of result will be having a very positive effect on that roadmap.”

It is good news for anyone who has taken the plunge, myself included. Right now it can be quite a frustrating gameplay experience. With one update out the door so far this year we can only hope that the glacial development pace speeds up.

Thanks EricBrightEyes for the tip.

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