September 5th, 2017

Dayz Standalone update 0.44 now on live servers with improvements

The DayZ 0.44 update is now on to the stable servers after extensive testing so all the new features can be enjoyed by all survivors.

The main points to note in this update include the new multiplayer net code and the eagerly awaited new mouse control system which replaces the previous version which used mouse acceleration.

Looking ahead to future improvements, the dev team are experimenting with loot spawn and distribution on the experimental servers which has resulted in ” significant optimizations” with how the loot is managed and respawns in the world. Following that they’ll be looking at persistent items such as backpacks and globally managed loot.

For any techy types reading who want to know what’s going on behind the scenes with the engine, the renderer is being disconnected from the simulation. This means that in the future there will be “very significant client FPS optimizations” which should resolve problems with low FPS in cities.

Out of sync bugs are still be looked at but they say they’ve made great progress with this 0.44 update and players who had experience problems previously should now try the game with this new patch.

The 64-bit server is also being tested for deployment and it will be tested on experimental next week which should remove server memory limitation problems. The aim is to make the dedicated servers more “robust”.

The art team continue their work, and the AKM which we have mentioned on previous posts, is actually nearing completion but there’s still no release date. The animation team has also been working on new hand poses so players hold items properly and there’s been more work on the bow strings and hand actions.

With this 0.44 update mainly focusing on technical issues, now would be a good time to hop back in and see if the changes have improved the game for you.

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