Look! A crossbow!

The latest DayZ Standalone update from Dean Hall covers news on fireplaces, physics and mouse control. Big update this month.

Work continues on DayZ and they are still tackling the issues with the client and server and they believe this is what’s hampering the player limit going over 100. Fireplaces are still being worked on and the good news is they are ready for the “final implementation” of these with the ability to ignite flammable objects. Work continues on the game mechanics to enable players to set these alight.

Throwing is coming to the experimental build servers next week but ragdoll won’t make it in for that update. New throwing animations have also been created so players can “power up” a throw.

The experimental server update next week will also see the arrival of the new player mouse control but it’s still in early testing. However, this is a change players have been wanting to see for quite some time so at least this first update is a start to improved controls in the game.

The art team are focusing firmly on the survival aspect of the game with the creation of new food items and wildlife models. Weapons are also receiving attention with the first P1 pistol complete and the AKM nearing completion before hitting the servers. The first SMG for the game is also nearly ready.

Characters will have new head choices to add more variety to the game and they’ve created a  Soviet-style officer hat and a tracksuit. Police, EMT, and firefighters are also on the cards according to lead artist Chris Torchia.

Next week will be a reasonably big week for DayZ players what with the addition of throwing and a first look at the changes to the mouse control.

Source: DayZ Blog

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