DayZ update 0.50 delayed due to last minute crashes

Patch 0.50 has suffered a delayZ.

Those waiting for the 0.50 DayZ update to roll out onto the stable servers today will have to wait a little more. The development team have encountered some last minute crash-related problems, so the update won’t be going ahead today.

Here’s the full status update message:

“Unfortunately, due to new crash related issues caught during last minute testing of patch 0.50, we’ll have to push the update back to a later date. Stable branch servers will roll back to version 0.49 as well as Experimental branch servers will roll back to version 0.50.”

No specific date is given for when 0.50 may now be coming.

Among other things, the 0.50 update to DayZ apparently adds new weapons like the “R92 Lever Action Carabine (Winchester-style),” which uses .357 ammunition. The server configuration in 0.50 also recognises the time of year (set by the server admin, or progressing in real time) and simulates wind and weather conditions accordingly.

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