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The DayZ devs share the latest development update as they start planning more vehicles.

Now that the V3S is in the game, albeit not feature complete, you may be wondering what’s next when it comes to vehicles. In today’s development update the team have stated that they’re now formulating a vehicle roadmap to “plan for the number and types of vehicles that design has requested”. Whether that information will be shared at some point remains to be seen but we certainly hope so.

With the 0.51 update live and players taking advantage of the new truck to get about, there are plans to drop in colour variants of the vehicle which will include a gray, orange and blue version. The plan is to make the vehicles more realistic with a battery requirement to get the V3S started. The vehicle won’t start without a battery and they plan on adding in the actual action for turning the engine over and also off. Entering vehicles will also have an animation which was actually removed at the last minute because of “undesirable results”.

A new batch of zombie models are also being cooked up by the art team and the old zombies are being re-skinned after being imported into a new propriety skeleton format. Players can now expect new “zombie types of various shapes/sizes/and ages” and they say they may be able to increase the number of zombies spawning.

There are the usual notes on upcoming weapon additions and it looks like the chainsaw will be added to the game shortly in a “crude form” .

The 0.52 release will be focusing on server side performance and “critical bugfixes” and that’s expected to hit the servers in the next week or so.

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